Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Da Word... 209! Beware da Snakes

And we're back!  Apologies for the long hiatus there!  Let's get to rockin' and rollin' 


For Certain men whose condemnation was written about long ago have secretly slipped in among you.  They are godless men, who change the grace of our God into a license for immorality and deny Jesus Christ our only Sovereign and Lord.

-Jude ( Jude 1:4 )

Da snakes!  Watch out people!  These kind of folk discreetly slither their way into our midst and try to shake things up.  They endeavor to outrightly confuse you!  Because they purport that God backs them up, such people are extremely dangerous.  Note also that they are doing one of the worst things possible: causing people to stumble.  Yes my friends, snakes like this seek you out to make you fall and maybe even turn away from the path!  You know what snakes like this can expect? "...The Blackest darkness has been reserved..." (Jude 1:13).  It's bad enough if one screws up his or her own soul for eternity ( that's free will... choice ), but to systematically endanger the souls of others!?  Yeah.... you don't wanna be that guy... such a person is going to reap a whirlwind. 

So how are these snakes wreaking havoc?  They interpet and parade the grace of Pops as a license to do all things immoral.  That's right!  They peddle the grand mercy and grace of Pops as some unlimited hot ticket into all things self seeking and self satisfying. Yeah kid!  This is no lie.  Where others would turn from their old selfish ways, these people continue on saying, "Pops will forgive me because of homie's limitless Grace.  So let's get some escorts up in this piece and have ourselves a paaaaartaaay!"   Now that's an extreme example only to show a point.  These snakes grossly pervert the idea of God's grace.

God has limitless grace for those who are genuine in their hearts.  If you know something is not right, that it is definitely detrimental for you be it tangible or intangible, and it displeases Pops... you can't go on doing it! If you truly have a relationship with Pops, you would not continuously and purposefully stick it to him.  You don't do this with your various meaningful human relationships right?  The Pops relationship is no different.  The snakes, though, are looking at numero uno.  They want what they want: pleasure, control, and counterfeit freedom.  So they delude themselves and justify their actions by perverting the meaning of Grace.  As a result, they will try with all of their might to persuade you into their ranks.  And you know what?  It's hard to fight because though the Spirit is willing to walk the walk, the flesh is mad weak.

What can we do then?  heh heh.... BRING DA RUCKUS!  That's right.  We see a snake, we route him out... immediately.  The longer a snake lingers, the more dangerous it becomes.  So don't hesitate; attend to the matter at hand. Have mentors who are strong in the walk and have a pretty firm grasp on what Grace is and what it is not.  When a snake approaches and peddles something too "good" to be true, i.e. it lets you still be mad tight with Pops above but also allows you to indulge in stuff totally against Pops above, and you find it hard to combat because you want so bad for it to be true, seek out that mentor!  And do it with a quicknes before you begin to convince yourself that yes, what the snake says is true.  Check out da Word!  If it ain't in there, or something in da word contradicts it, raise up that Word like a sword and cut it down.  And remember, Pops has your back.


- patrick

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