Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Da Word... 200! Fruit is Madlicious!

What's uuup!  How was the weekend?  I hope it was fulfilling and straight chill.  I got to meet quite a few peeps.  But the best was Bourne Ultimatum!  Oh yeah, this movie was awesome!  Aight, on to... da Word!


Produce fruit in keeping with repentance.
- John da Baptist (Matthew 3:8)

Yo da Baptist did not play!  He came out with it... straight!  In this passage, John (Jesus' cousin) was doing his thing preparing the way for Christ.  He was baptizing and calling peeps to repent.  In other words, he was tellin' peeps to make a 180, to turn from their current ways and make a B-line for the way that is right and true.  No shenanigans, no backstabbin', no frontin', none o' that stuff.  Why?  Cuz da kingdom of heaven is fast approachin'.

So, in rolls these Pharisees and Sadducees.  John stops in his tracks and lays the verbal smack down, starting off with, "You brood of vipers!"  Wow, that's HARSH!  But that's what they were!  Slithering and sneaky pious types sinking their fangs into helpless peeps, allowing their poison to do its work.  So John called them out... and what!  Then, he dropped the line above.  Yes potnas, that there is bonafide truth.  We gots to produce fruit in keeping with repentance.

When we repent, we decide to turn from the ways that were not leading to life.  We turn from selfishness and self praise to humility and serving. And let's not forget to bonafide love.  But if our repentance is true, we WILL produce fruit in keeping with that about face!  Yeah, it just follows suit potnas.  Just as a tree produces fruit in season, so must we.  If we ain't producing, then something is wrong, and we are flirting with disaster.  The fruit we produce are many: love, kindness, humility, serving, compassion, strength, confidence, direction.... the list goes on and on.  Pops himself will bless you to produce fruit that is straight potent and oozing with spiritual essence.  Don't you want some o' that?  Awww YEAH!

Produce fruit brutahz and sistaz, cuz in truth, if we are rollin' with Pops, we can't help BUT produce it! It is all naturaaaal!  And it benefits all around us, including ourselves.