Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Da Word... 184!


Wassup y'all?  How's it goin' how's it goin'?  I hope well.  Things here are churning along, you know how it is, uh huh!  Aight, on to... da Word!


Heal the sick who are there and tell them, "The kingdom of God is near you."
- da Christ (Luke 10:9)

My man J, at this point, is about to unleash a force of 72 amped and ready spiritual warrior peeps on a certain vicinity... to enter EVERY town and place homeboy was about to enter.  Matter of fact, he told these kats to head to these places two-by-two.  Yo I bet Satan was straight tremblin' in his boots potnas!  Why?  Cuz these kats were rollin' to these spots with power u could not imagine, power that caused demons to submit in J's name yo.  That is AWESOME.  But let's kick back to this verse right here.  Just note how J tells it like it is, "Yeah potnas, when u get to the spots, straight heal the sick. And tell those kats that da Kingdom of Pops is near them." 

Yo.... J said that like it was nuthin' potnas!  As if it were a common thing!  Yo, he said it as if healin' the sick was like breathing.  You know, nothing major, it's just breathing.  That is ILL!!!!  It's like healing the sick was the least of their worries!  I mean come on, if you had the power to heal the sick just as easily as you breathe, how awesome would that be?!?  Healin' the sick should be a PIECE of CAKE when Pops is pullin' the trigger potnas.  Why isn't it?  Cuz we lack belief!  It ain't Pops runnin' out of juice, it's us not stepping up to the plate and harnessin' that juice.  Why is it so hard to believe that Pops can heal the sick in the blink of an eye? 

It's kinda like when a doctor from a medically advanced nation goes to one not so advanced and straight rolls into a village and into a sick person's chamber.  The inhabitants there think this doc is beyond CRAZY!  Straight LOONY i tell ya! They believe he will die cuz all kats who have that sickness, or catch the sickness from hanging out with that kat, die.  But a few days or a week goes by.... lo' and behold this doc is neither sick nor dead!  And, even more astonishing, that sick kat has been HEALED!!!!   O.. my goodness!  The peeps are in shock and cannot believe it!  How is this accomplished?  Well, it's cuz the doctor is immunized and has got da stuff.   Potnas, Pops has got da stuff.... 


   - patrick

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Da Word... 183!

Good Evening!

Yup, I have missed the monday morning publishing TWO times in a row!  Alas, the plans of mice and men.... OOOO, can't wait for Spring!  Aight, on to... da Word!


And now it is because of my hope in what God has promised our fathers that I am on trial today.
- Paul (Acts 26:6)

Mmmmhmmmm!  Paul again, that's right!  This time Paul is on trial before King Agrippa.  Paul is just bouncing around from trial to trial potnas.  Tough road!  This verse says a great deal... the path we tread when we put our hope in what Pops above has promised ain't no walk in the park!  There will be PLENTY of people, objects, and circumstances that will try to topple you.  That's just how it is potnas.  I mean... they gave Jesus da Christ himself a hard time!  What makes us think we'll get out of it?  Naw lo, this road is a tough one, but one so worth any and all toil. 

There's a couple things we can take away from this.  One, God made a promise!   And yo, Pops does NOT go back on his word, no way.  Two, we can have assured hope, then, in what God has promised.  In other words, it ain't an empty hope, or a hope that might come true... it is a 100%, risk free, certain, on the spot, in yo' FACE, bonafide deal potnas!  You can't lose ;-D  HOLLA!  And what is this promise?  Well, that the messiah came son!  And that he died and rose!  Furthermore, that we too will rise to join Pops when the time for illest state of living is upon us!  We'll straight be rockin' da Holy Ghost boat potnas!  It will be beyond your wildest dreams.  And guess what, all of it makes take away 3 all worth it:  there will be trials on the way to the promised land. 

Potnas, we all know that anything worth its salt does not come easy.  And so it is walking the path.  But we have assurance, and we got Pops in our corner... so ROCK ON!!!!


   - patrick

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Da Word... 182!


Wassup peeps?  Spring is fast approaching.  The weather is getting NIIIICE!   MMMHMMM!  Listen y'all, a friend's dad recently passed away.  Offer up some prayers for this person and his family, that Pops above would bring them comfort and closure.  Aight, on to... da Word! 


Do not gloat when your enemy falls;  when he stumbles, do not let your heart rejoice, or the Lord will see and disapprove and turn his wrath away from him.
- Proverbs 24:17,18

Proverbs is such an awesome book.  There is so much wisdom packed into those chapters and verses that it's overflowing potnas!  Let's check out the knowledge being dropped on us in these verses.  This is a tough to follow yo!  I mean, isn't it the case that we are always rejoicing or gloating when a punk gets his due?  ....ESPECIALLY if this individual wronged us personally?   Pops is saying to check that reaction at the door.  We should not be gloating or rejoicing over the destruction of any being. 

Why?  Think about.... you are gloating about the destruction of a life....... is that something to rejoice over?  The fact that this person probably is not even worth the dirt and grime he/she walks on does not diminish the fact that a life is being destroyed.   Why?  Because LIFE is precious.  Pops does not want us to rejoice over the destruction of life.  If we do, we are likely no different than that enemy who is receiving his due.  Instead, we should be happy and content in the knowledge that justice is being served (and no doubt, some deserve a SWIFT justice).  But let's not take it beyond that and start reveling in exaction of that justice.  We become sick individuals if we do! 

Pops is not in that kind of game.  Matter of fact, the Proverb says that Pops above will most DEFINITELY disapprove and even go so far as to turn his wrath from the kat who deserves it!  By reveling, you may ease or lesson the level of justice that kat would have received!   I bet that is NOT the thing you would have wanted.  Ain't that ironic?  Heh heh.  Let's have none o' that potnas!   Bruthaz and sistaz, let us not become in character and expression like those receiving the brunt of justice well deserved.  Let not our hearts become corrupt or jaded.


   - patrick

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Da Word... 181!

Good Evening Yo!

It is a chilly one, mmhmmmmm!!!!!   ELEVEN DEGREES!   And that's NOT including wind chill..... brrrrr!   You in the warm states, don't hog it all!  Come on now, share!  heh heh, aight, on to... da Word!


Yet at the same time many even among the leaders believed in him.  But because of the Pharisees they would not confess their faith for fear they would be put out of the synagogue; for they loved praise from men more than praise from God.
- John 12:42,43

Man, what chumps!  They can't even handle a little peer pressure.  SPINELESS!!!!  heh.  Granted, the kinda pressure they were surrounded by was HUGE.  But that is no excuse.  See, my man J had been on a miracle roll potnas.  I mean he was just ratta-tat-tattin' them bad boys out!  A miracle here, a miracle there, miracle, miracle, miracle!  It must have been ILL bruthaz and sistaz!  And wouldn't you know, there were still kats that would not believe him though they witnessed these events FIRST HAND!!!!  Never underestimate the power of ones desire.  You could prove something beyond the shadow of a doubt and yet still come face to face with a being who will choose to reject it.

So back to these leader kats who DID believe in him. These scrubs kept their faith secret.  Yo, these so-called "leaders" would not stand tall!  It was against the status quo to believe in this Jesus.  It was against the whole societal flow!  In other words, these guys did not have the umph to stand for what they believed.  That leads me to question the strength of their belief.  Granted, they might just have started believing.  In that case, standing up to the Pharisees would be tough.  But these kats were leaders.  They already know what it's like to be unpopular.  Why was this any different?  But what's worse, they place the love of praise from men HIGHER than praise from God!  How crazy does that sound!?

Bruthaz and sistaz, we gots to be willing to stand for that which we believe, otherwise we fail to have confidence in what we believe.  I mean, if we are not even willing to confess our faith because we are worried about what people will think or say, then what kind of faith do we have to begin with?  That kind of faith has no strength.  That kind of faith will lead a brutha or sista into some serious trouble.  That kind of faith will lead one to compromise truth for the sake of being liked.  If that is your truth, then your truth is meaningless.  Naw potnas, truth will stand of its own accord.  Present that truth, for that truth will defend itself and you can stand with a conscience that is clear.  Let us not love praise from men greater than praise from God. 


  - patrick