Monday, August 29, 2005

Da Word... 124!

What's UUUP! How are things going? Chillin' over here. Had a pretty long day at work, but i'm back at da crib.... HUNGRY! So, right after this, i'm gettin' some grubbage! buhlee dat! Raise some prayers to Pops above for the peeps being hit by Hurricane Katrina, especially New Orleans. Aight, on to, da Word!


Your eye is the lamp of your body. When your eyes are
good, your whole body also is full of light. But when they
are bad, your body also is full of darkness.

- Jesus (Luke 11:33)

Yo yo, this my man J representin' straight from the book of Luke, spittin' MAD knowledge as usual, heh heh. This time, J takes the illustration of a lamp and then applies it to our very being. Genius yo, straight genius. J wants us to pay particular attention to our eyes potnas. Why? Cuz yo, your eyes are like the massive gateway to the world son! Whatever we allow to enter our eyes we also allow to enter our very being peeps! I mean come on, we thrive with our eyes. We could lose the sense of hearing, the sense of smell, the sense of touch... and we'd still be just fine and dandy. But if we lose our sight... YO... that's huge, and will require a MASSIVE change in lifestyle. So we gots to protect our eyes because through them TONS and TONS of information streams in. Images get burned onto our minds, those images then begin to fester as we dwell on them, and then these things begin to affect our thinking, our decisions, and finally our actions! And actions speak louder than words, no doubt!

So what is J sayin'? My homeboy is tellin' us to keep the junk away from our eyes because it *will* affect our light. See, we are supposed to shine potnas, and shine brightly. We can't do that if we keep pollutin' our light with darkness! So let's cultivate an ability to protect our eyes and thus protect our light. Concentrate on those things that uplift ya and make you stronger. Become straight warriors potnas! And let your light shine baby! Cuz light is straight contagious!!!! And oh so beautiful. Don't believe me? Heh, peep a sunrise baby, or even a sunset. It's the reflection of light that gives everything beauty, not to mention motivate endless organisms to life! Imagine what your light could do.....

Aight potnas, gotta bounce. PeACE!


Monday, August 22, 2005

Da Word... 123!

Morning All!

What's UUUUP! Hey, I hope things are going well this fine morning ;-D tru tru. Things over here are going pretty well. I'm famished though (really really HUNGRY!) I don't think I'll make it to lunch. I just might have to get myself a snack, heh heh. In other newz, I'll be starting up a blog for this (the mechanism lends itself well to the style of Da Word). Once that happens, I'll make an announcement with further details. Meanwhile.. on to... Da Word!


Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves.
Do what it says.

- James (James 1:22)

ranslation: "Don't be a mere groupie potna! Groupies are wack! Instead, roll deep potna, become da real deal." Hah hah, yeaaaah kid! It's so simple and yet resonates LOUDLY. How many groupies do we come across on a daily basis? Actually, a more appropriate term would be poser. Posers are WACK yo! They've got no depth, and all they've got or want is image without the effort! A poser will never ever be great at a thing. If we never make something our own, that is to own the idea or concept thereby making it very real to us within the depths of our very being, then we will never reach our potential. And that's WACK! Why sell yourself short? That's just waisting time (literally waisting one's very life away, cuz time ticks on and we can never reclaim it once spent). What's more, it's neither beneficial for you nor the peeps associated with you. It's just bad all around (especially when posers try to tell peeps anything deep about the thing they're posin'... straight ill representin'!! - as in veryvery bad representin' whether intentionally or unintentionally).

See, all these kats just deceive themselves. And it just gets sad when they actually start to believe they embody the thing they pose (that can get REAL dangerous). Let's not live a lie potnas. Let's live in the real and become the real deal. We ain't got time to waist posin', it ain't worth it. With regards to da Word, let's stop just listenin'. Cuz if we are just listenin', we will then soon forget. The words come in one ear, and they high tail out the other. What possible value resides in that? NONE potnas. Naw lo, instead, let us DO what it says. Actions speak louder than words. By doing, we increase our level of understanding and the depth of that understanding. And guess what? BOOM! You'll feel like you've been hit by a bolt of lighting as epiphanies straight fire off RATTA-TAT-TAT style in your life simply by taking word into action and doing. And you know what that means.... LIFE TO THE FULLEST!!! YEAAAH KIIIIIIIID! You'll start to see just how amazing life truly is... and capture it.

aight, gotta bounce. PeACE!