Thursday, September 29, 2005

Da Word... 127!

YOOOOOOO! What up peeps! HOW ya LiViN'!!!! Yo it's been a hot second, yeah... buhlee dat. Sorry potnas ;-D These past two weeks have been pretty crazy (like staying at work from 9am till 11:30 pm!!!). Yeah, work has been a task master, heh heh. Peeps are going on vacation so deadlines are pushed closer, not to mention we're getting slightly short staffed... da result, patrick's got mucho work... but that's better than no work! BUHLEE DAT! n e who, on to... da Word!


The voice spoke to him a second time, 'Do not call anything impure that God has made clean.'
- da voice... (Acts 10:15)

I mean... yeah! Who in their right man would step to Pops and be like, "yo man, why you tryin' ta give me that? Don't you know that joint is impure? heh, you must be tryin' to play a game on me cuz, heh, yooo... YOU of all beings has got to know... that right there is impure. Hey fellas fellas, Pops just tried to play a prank on me! checkit checkit..." ... I mean honestly.... that's STUPID!!! hah hah, alas, we keep doin' it ;-D n e who...

In this passage, my man J's number one apostle Peter was bein' told the above. See, Peter fell into a kind of trance. Homeboy was peepin' a vision son... a vision. And in this vision, he was being offered some four-footed animals, reptiles, and birds. A voice said, "yo P!!! kill and eat son!" And Peter, heh, my man Peter replies, "WHOA WHOA WHOA! No way Lord, I ain't NEVER grubbed on anything impure or unclean!" Then my boy Peter had to get schooled... 3 times! And then POOF, homeboy came out the vision... and there was a knock at the door.

See, Pops was preparin' Peter for this visit. Three dudes showed up and asked Peter to come over to their boss' crib (a Centurion...). All these kats, and the centurion, were not Jewish. And, see, back in the day Jews did not associate with Gentiles (non-jews)... and they certainly did not eat and chill with them in a Gentile's crib! Pops above wanted to eradicate that kind of thinking... hence da vision.

Moral o' da story? Da gift of Pops, da Word o' God, Salvation potnas, is for ANYBODY! We can't let our prejudices, our pre-conceived notions, and our own judgements stand in the way of a soul and Pops. We gotta realize that we are ALL creations of Pops above, ALL created in His image, and ALL loved by homeboy Pops. And that means Pops does not wish to lose anyone, no not even one. A brutha in Pops is a brutha and a sista a sista. Let us "not call anything impure that God has made clean." Aight, on to some other thangs I gotta do! PeACE!


Monday, September 12, 2005

Da Word... 126!

Hey hey, what's the word potnas? How ya livin'! Me? I'm hungry as alwayz... my lunch is in danger because my eyes are fixated on it like a hawk. heh heh. i've recently had newz about a couple friend's whose grandmothers passed away. If you can, take a moment and drop a prayer for them, and for grandparents in general. Aight, on to... Da Word!


Brothers, choose seven men from among you who are known to be full of the Spirit and wisdom. We will turn this responsibility over to them.
- Acts 6:3

Yeaaaa kid, a straight lesson in good leadership skillz (and practicality). See, there arose an issue. It was dope that the number of disciples (ie. peeps turnin' to a life of followin' da Christ and straight reppin' Pops) kept increasing with a quickness, but at the same time, da word says, the Grecian Jews among them had some beef with the Hebraic Jews (uh oh!!!). The former felt that their widows had been being overlooked in the daily distribution of food. One thing to point here, notice that these peeps were taking care of their widows!!!! They didn't just leave them to their own devices, nn nnn, naw lo. Widows were taken care of (as taught by my man J). n e w, back to da verse at hand.

So da apostles were like, "hmm, this is major, but we can't be the ones to handle all the waitin' on da widows... we gots ta head up da ministry of da word son!" And BAM! They decide that 7 kats should be chosen, and not just *any* 7, but 7 fired up and focused individuals son! YEAH! As a leader, ya gotta realize ya can't do everything. See that word "lead" there? Yeah, a good leader is able to delegate responsibility in a way that increases the collective productivity and well being of those he/she leads. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!

Not only did this free up time for the Apostles to continue to do the work they were called to (spreadin' da word far and wide) but it gave others a chance to partake in this ministry, to develop their skillz and abilities, to gain a sense of ownership or belonging, and to allow the body to pull together via involvement. Da pluses of this move keep stacking up! So bruthas and sistaz, let's put this into practice thereby pouring mutual cohesiveness, strength, and development amongst ourselves. But alwayz keep in mind the needs of others above your own and escape the trap of delegation for selfish reasons... cuz that kind just leads to catastrophe son! ...and a pounding jackhammer of a headache you do not want to have, buhlee dat!

Aight potnas, I gotta bounce. Grace and PeACE!


Thursday, September 08, 2005

Da Word... 125!

Yo yo! Sorry this is a few days late, heh heh. It's been CRAZY! MIT is kickin' off. Orientation went on, rush, recruiting, demos, events, da whole nine.... and work on top of that ;-D heh heh. S'all good though, it'll start to quiet down in the next couple days here. Anywho, on to... Da Word!


When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.
- Acts 4:13

Yeah that's ROIGHT! That joint is hot. A little background, Peter and John were dragged into a showdown with the Sanhedrin (da Sanhedrin was like da high ruling court of all the top dawgs in Judaism, a straight SUPREEEEME Court potnas). Why? Cuz my boys Peter and John were straight reppin' Christ on da streets potnas... healin' kats left and right and doin' miraculous acts along with other way kool stuff yo! So da priests, da captain of the temple guard, etc, they all got mad nervous. They seized my boys putting 'em in jail for da night. And boom, the next day it was Sanhedrin time, which brings us to the verse above.

See, Peter and John were on the ball. They were straight bold kats speakin' truth and speakin' it without worrying what would happen to them cuz they knew they had the ultimate truth and it must be told! WORD! But these Sanhedrin members were MAAAD surprised! See, Peter and John... they were unschooled riffraff! Fishermen even! Da members of the Sanhedrin probably were like, "RIFFRAFF! And yet, they all up in here takin' it straight to us and we ain't got no come back!!!" Yeah kid! The key point in this verse is that the Sanhedrin were shocked and they took note that..... "these men had been with Jesus."

BAAAAAAAAM! No joke potnas, if you are straight rollin' with J, you will be emboldened and strengthened just like these kats were. You are no schmo spittin' crazy talk, naw, you are spittin' knowledge from on high. If you are rollin' with Christ it means you are tryin' to be like Christ, and if you are tryin' to be like Christ, then you will gradually exude the straight awesomeness that is Christ... there is no greater. Start reppin' Christ potnas! And prepare to shock and amaze! YEAH! And not for selfish gain, but for the eyes of all men to be opened! that all may become free and embrace the amazing wonders of life that is straight burstin' with energy to be unleashed.

Aight potnas, PeACE!