Monday, December 03, 2007

Da Word... 206! Love a potna!

What's uuuup!  It's been about two weeks brethren and sistren, heh heh.  Been kinda crazy over here, s'all good though!  I hope that all of your Thansgiving celebrations were the BOMB!  And that black friday wasn't too scary ;P  I scored some SIC deals that day, oh yeah!  Can you believe that it is already December?  aight, on to... da Word!


34 "A new command I give you:  Love one another.  As I have loved you, so you must love one another.  35 By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another."
- Da Christ (John 13:34,35)

Word.  This has been a recurring theme in the past month or two, and especially in the past two weeks.  Funny how these themes come in all directions too!  But you know what, this is a FANTASTIC command.  Actually, it is WAAAAAY beyond fantastic.  Matter of fact, there are no words to describe it.  The command is simple... love one another.  But yoooo... it is so hard to implement!  As if that weren't tough enough, my man J adds to love one another as HE himself loved his disciples, and loves us.  DUUUUUDE!   Are you serious?  We are to love to that extent!?  Yes my friends ;D  YES!

If we love like Pops, bruthaz and sistaz we will burst open the doors of a higher level of existence.  We'll be experiencing life in fantastic, indescribable ways. Why?  Cuz loving like Pops is lovin' unconditionally.  Do you know what that means?  It means no matter how someone may reciprocate, you still gotta love them and demonstrate that love.  Yes people, even if that person does not return that love to you in a way that is commensurate, you still gotta love.  It ain't a point system!  If that person treats you bad, you still gotta show love.  If a person betrays your love... guess what?  You STILL gotta show love! 

The bottom line is this: Love, genuine love, cannot be throttled back!  It cannot be chained; it cannot be conditional.  Because if it is, then that love becomes selfish and self-serving... and thus is not love all!  Love, by definition, is something you GIVE to another!   Do you think my man J throttled back his love?  NO WAY!  And you already know how bad that homie was treated, back-stabbed, and betrayed.  But through it all he still showed unbridled love.

Homies, if you can love like that, you will attain a level of life people only dream of... because nothing will phase you!  You will know and understand that you are ultimately loved and backed by Pops himself!  And so ANYTHING that this world dishes out at you is BEANS kid!  Cuz Pops, heh heh, Pops has your back and that homie will never stop lovin' you, supporting you, and bringing the ruckus with you.  That means you can go ahead and shower love on one another without restraint!  It takes MAD courage, heart, and might to do that.  It ain't for the weak of heart, it ain't for panzies.  That's right, only the truly strong can love like this, cuz it ain't no walk in the park!  It takes fortitude!  And guess what?  You CAN'T do it without Pops backing you up! 

So what do you gotta do?  Tap into Pops bruthaz and sistaz.  Tap into his infinite well, and then start pouring it out amongst one another.  If you love like this, your entire outlook on life will be radically transformed.  You'll know what it really is to live.  And you'll know what it really is to love.  That's a beautiful thing, because MANY will go through life and never achieve it or experience it.   Don't let that happen to you!  Roll up them sleeves and get ready to dig in!  It will be an endeavor you will never regret!  Your journey and transformation will inspire others to reach for the same!  Imagine a place... where everyone loved unconditionally... make it a reality.


   - patrick

ps - hey!  sometimes we all just need a reminder.... love one another kid, love one another