Sunday, June 24, 2007

Da Word... 196! Slow ya roll!

Yo yo!

On monday night, there is going to be a Japanese Taiko (Drum) performance. It is going to be HOT! A full concert yo! Can't WAIT! In other news, I may be moving or buying ;-D Raise a brutha in praya so that I am lead to the correct choice and the best circumstance. THANKS! Aight, on to... da Word!


Do you see a man who speaks in haste? There is more hope for a fool than for him.
- Proverbs 29:20

Yo, ain't that the truth! There are a lot of fast talkin' peeps out there! Note, I'm not referring to the peeps who are talking quickly in order to pull a fast one over you, that is, trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Naw naw, I'm talkin' about kats who speak before they think! Yeah, THOSE dudes.... almost ALWAYS find themselves in a world hurt! Speaking too quickly is straight dumb yo. Matter of fact, it is so dumb that da Word says a straight FOOL has more hope than one who speaks with haste! Now that is COLD!

Why is it dumb? It's like playing cards with an open hand. Don't show your cards to soon! You will LOSE... almost guaranteed! Speaking without thinking can cause such a rift in personal relationships as to render any chance of reconciliation moot as a result of poor judgment and senile haste. It ain't worth it! One who speaks in haste will cause himself or herself to encounter tons more trouble than necessary. And... this person has no one to blame but himself! Why would anyone wanna bring such headache upon his or her own person? I'd rather be grillin' steaks and holdin' it down with my crew! Speaking in haste can destroy what may have been a superb opportunity. It can destroy business dealings. It can cause you to be found guilty though you are innocent. It could result in a moment of embarrassment so humiliating...... I'll let you finish the sentence.

In every way, bruthaz and sistaz, speaking in haste will work against you. Yet, people do it all the time. Let not there be greater hope for a fool... cuz that's just sad yo. Let's instead knock some sense into ourselves and be sure to check that urge whenever it rears its enormously grotesque head... fa realz! And watch! Watch how quickly life will seem to be looking up for you ;-D


- patrick

Monday, June 18, 2007

Da Word... 195! Belief is a choice

Hey hey!

How ya livin'!  heh heh, i hope all is going well with you!  And for those undergoing challenges, I trust Pops will lead you through it if you lean on His strength... tru!  Aight, on to... da Word!


Even after Jesus had done all these miraculous signs in their presence, they still would not believe in him.
- John 12:37

Yooo, ain't THAT da truth!  Our homeboy J laid the SMACK down with miracles son!  I mean yo, it was CRAZY!  And despite it all, people STILL did not believe in him.  Does that make sense?   If you are brought face to face with a miracle, how can you then deny the belief in the one who did that miracle?  .... over and over and over again and again and again?  I'm sure some of you can relate ;-D  Maybe not on the performing miracles part, but in doing something so awesome and yet remain doubters and haterz.  What is this passage trying to tell us?  Potnas... it ain't the miracles that will cause one to believe.  Naw low, a person must make the choice to believe.

It's about choice!  Anyone can have an emotional event.  Yo, anyone can witness some stupendous show.  Potnas, anyone can go on a retreat and get so amped up that he or she is ready to take on the world full throttle.  But these are just events.... as quickly as these events can come and elicit a powerful emotional response, so also can that euphoria quickly vanish.  It's not the sticking point potnas!  Naw low, what sticks is an individuals decision to believe!  That has to come from within.  It reflects a transformation of the heart.  Why?  Cuz believing ain't no walk in the park. It ain't easy!  There will be endless challenges and there will be days where you just want to quit!  But you wont ;-D  Cuz your decision was not based on some fleeting spectacle, but on the foundation of a bonafide relationship with the one true God! 

Much like love is not just a feeling, so is belief.  Just as it becomes downright hard to love someone, it will downright at times be hard to believe.  But if your love is da real deal, it will last and it will lay the SMACK down on any trial trying to pull a fast one.  And so it is with your belief.  If your belief is the real deal, you will have victory. Cuz, yo, Pops ain't gonna leave ya!   Heh heh, nothin' can take down Pops. You can take that one to the bank!  The only thing inhibiting you is your choice.  Choose to believe.


   - patrick

Monday, June 11, 2007

Da Word... 194! NBAMNBAAO


Yup, homeboy is writing this in real time!  I catch one every once in a while, heh heh.  Hope your summers are going well thus far!  Yesterday I hit up the Dragon Boat Festival here in Boston and caught the Taiko (Japanese Drum) Performance.  It was ILL!!!!!!  Taiko is da bomb.  Especially the huge Taiko Matsuri I witnessed in Japan, yooooooooo!  Aight, on to... da Word!


Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.
- James (James 1:4)

Awwww yeah!  Back in James, mmhmmm!  Most of chapter one is about bustin' a beat down on the trials and temptations that might try and stage a coup on you.  Matter o' fact, James starts it by saying, "Yo, think it straight ILL son!  Pure JOY potnas!  ...whenever these kats try to pounce." See, bruthaz and sistaz, these "tests" will increase your level with a quickness.  Levelin' up is hot!  But getting there is tough sometimes. And thus perseverance is KEY. 

No matter what the trial, no matter what the test, no matter what the situation, we gots to persevere.  If we do not let perseverance run its course, we are likely to quit and let life have its way with us.  Naw lo!  That ain't how it's meant to be!  Take life by the horns and make it yours! We cannot become complete in our being without persevering.  Think about your role models and great leaders both historical and present.  I bet each one gained such a high position and value in your eye because they each persevered through something. 

Go out into the world then and face life full bore; welcome its trials with a spark in your eye and a smirk that screams, "Bring it on! I know something you don't..... (I've got Pops above on my side)."  Persevere!  And potnas, let this be your mantra:

Not by any means necessary but against all odds.


    - patrick

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Da Word... 193! Walk, not just talk!


Hey hope all is well!  Been a hot minute eh?  heh heh.  Hope your memorial day weekend was off the hook!  And now, we are back on track, tru!  Aight, on to.. da Word. 


You see that a person is justified by what he does and not by faith alone.
- James (James 2:24)

Yo James is on FIRE!!!!  Enfuego son!  If you haven't read da book of James, you should definitely peep it.  The book, though short, packs maaaaaaaaaaaaaad punch!  N e who, this tidbit of goodness speaks volumes.  It comes after James points out that old testament badmamajamma Abraham's faith was credited to him as righteousness by Pops above!  That is SIC yo!  Pops above Himself justified Abraham's faith.  Why?  Cuz Abraham acted in faith.  He did what Pops asked, believing that Pops had everything under control.  Peep da story of Abraham and his son Isaac for the fully skinny. Meanwhile....

Potnas, the point is this... faith without action is like a leader without vision... USELESS!  If your faith is not motivating you towards action, then I would start questioning whether or not that faith is real.  Cuz yo, real faith.... shoooooot, you wouldn't be able to put a cap on that hydrant if you wanted to.  The urge to act would be gushing forth with such force you couldn't help BUT act in reflection of that faith.  Faith is so transforming that your very desires become aligned with those of Pops.  And Pops desires to love all and to demonstrate that love via action.  It follows then that your faith will drive you towards action, and your deeds will thus justify your faith.

Represent Christ!  Walk... and not just talk!


  - patrick