Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Da Word... 208! Da Model!

Another chill day and homie had to take a cold shower this morning!  That will wake you up with a quickness!  MHMMM!  It's almost instant, heh heh.  Lots going on today, should be fun.  By the way, looks like the economy is headed for a recession this year.... soooo drop some prayers for our country.  A lot of people may lose their jobs due to the recession eating away at many a company's monetary stability.  Pray that the storm that is coming and has already come can be weathered and that those families bearing the brunt will be held up by Pops.  Aight, on to... da Word!


Whoever claims to live in him must walk as Jesus did.
- John ( 1 John 2:6 )

That's right!  That's what I'm talking about it!  Role models kid, mhmmm!  We all have them.  We pick them as we grow up, rotate hrough them, change them, and more.  There is always someone we are looking up to and attempting to emulate or learn from in some capacity.  But who, my friends, is your ultimate role model? Well, if you claim to be living in God, your answer can only be one.... Da Christ son!!!!!!!

Think about it, there are PLENTY of kats walkin' around straight posing.  They are loud too! They sport the God gear, they say a lot of Godly things, and they like to represent in the spotlight.  But how do they walk?  Does their walk reflect their words?  More importantly, does their walk reflect kingdom principles?  Does their walk reflect Christ?  NO!  A lot of them are deep and heavy into things that say the complete OPPOSITE..... POSERS!   And they live the life of humongous loser.

Naw my friends, someone who is living in Pops above has a life that emulates da Christ.  Such a person walks as Christ walks.  Yo, Christ is the ILLEST role model!  I mean, homie is more than a role model, but as a role model he is the BEST you could ever pick!  Why?  His integrity was bullet proof.  Homie was mad powerful even demons trembled at the mere mention of his name!  Institutions of men were afraid of him; they could not tango with this man in any aspect!  Homeboy could whip any person in a debate, and yet not crush their spirit but inspire them.  He had MAD friends!  He also had at least 12 very very close and intimate friendships that were more deep and real than any almost all of us can claim to ever have had.  Homie was a mover and shaker; he upset balance and did not live by the status quo.  He was a leader, an innovator, a revolutionary, a motivator, and an agent of change.  This kat turned the world upside down!  Yo, he still impacts the world even TODAY.  He so inspired deep friendship and loyalty that peeps willingly stood up for him and would die for him... and still die for him.  Da Christ could not be shaken.  He didn't trample others to better his position.  Naw, he brought peeps with him!  He wasn't selfish or self-seeking, and yet tremendously powerful and effective. He was uber efficient.  He always had a plan and everything he did had a profound purpose.  Christ is da friggin' bomb kid!

I could go on and on and on, but I'll stop there, heh heh.  If we walk like Christ, we could be like that!  Imagine the impact we will have on the world! If Christ is our role model, yo we will enhance those aspects of our humanity that will reveal the wonders of life to us in ways we have never known.  Brothers and sisters, by emulating Christ, we will be the most powerful and effective person in our respective fields.  The combination of the characteristics of Christ coupled with the specific gifts God has given each and every one of us is a recipe for something you can't possibly keep a lid on.  It's powerful, and it will blow your mind.   But most importantly my friends, if we claim to be living in God, our walk has to reflect that.  The only way to do it is to walk as Christ did.  And walking as Christ does is the best decision one could ever make.  So, let's get to steppin'!  And then prepare yourself for the ride of a lifetime.


  - patrick

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Da Word... 207! Live Free!

Aaaaaaand we're back!!!  Sorry for the long hiatus there ;-D  I hope your holiday vacations and celebrations were off the hook and tremendously fulfilling!  Word!  Things here have been great, can't complain, heh heh.  Aight, on to... da Word!


The man of integrity walks securely, but he who takes crooked paths will be found out.

- Proverbs 10:9

Mmmmmhmmmmm!  Ain't that the truth!  I can't recall whether or not I've written about this gold nugget of a 'verb BUT it is well worth the retell if I have!  This right here will set you free!  And that's fa real.  How?  Because, my friends, when you operate with security, you have nothin' to fear and nothin' to lose!

Check it out homies, would you walk into a building that had most of its windows bashed out, clear holes in many of the walls, wood that is splintering and ragged, a roof that looks like the dickens, and rust coming through any metallic framework?  Okay, okay, okay, I concede that you *might* walk into such a place, but would you feel comfortable spending any significant amount of time in that joint?  Naw kid!  Now imagine living in such a spot!  See, the integrity of that structure has been compromised.  You would have no peace of mind or sense of security whilst you tip toe through that spot.  Instead your mind would be raided by thoughts akin to saying, "Yo.... this place could collapse at any moment.  Someone just has to blow on it and boom....... that's all she wrote!  Why in the world am I in here!"

On the other hand, if you walk into a building whose structural integrity is sound, and I mean SOUND, you wouldn't think twice about spending significant time in there!  Why?  Cuz the spot ain't riddled with deteriorating material and so you feel MAD secure!  You would have an insane peace of mind about straight chillin' in this spot.  Instead you might be thinking, "Hmm... HDTV would look NICE there.... OH YEAH!" 
So, in the same way my friends, if we maintain our integrity, keepin' that baby sound, we will walk securely.  There is nothing lurking in the shadows that we would fear being "found out."  In fact, you might even welcome any search!  You'd sip a latte or a magnificent cup of hot cocoa with whipped cream while some nut bent on finding something compromising tears his hair out in the process.  Why?  Cuz you got nothin' to hide!  That means you are stress free, happy, and straight chillin'... a great way to live!

The kat who has crooked paths however.... that homie is always on edge.  That person can never sleep soundly at night.  I mean yo, this kat may never experience true peace of mind.... he may be found out!  And if he's found out, he's gotta have a back-up plan to explain it away.  But not only that, he's then gotta have a back-up to the back-up that may yet also require a back-up!  Who in the world wants that kinda headache!!!  I'd rather live free.

So friends, have utmost integrity in EVERYTHING that you do.  Endeavor to do so!  Then sit back and relax with a smile stretching wide across your face... cuz you live free.


   - patrick