Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Da Word... 228! Conduct son!

Oh, you just know a snake when you meet one.  Maybe not right at first, but after a couple dealings with such an individual, his or her true writhing, slithering form emerges.  And how do you feel about such a person?  Nothing good right?  Forget about hanging out with this person; any interaction is usually strictly confined to business.  If at all possible, you might even sever all dealings with this person if you could.  

The way of the guilty is devious, but the conduct of the innocent is upright.
- Proverbs 21:8

Ain't that something? That one sentence right there explains the feeling we get when we do something with integrity and character and when we do it neither with integrity nor character.  It's just... BAM!  Let's pause for a moment and think about that snake again.  Why does such and individual really rub us the wrong way, maybe even unto the point of gagging?  It's because that snake's actions are quite devious!  Straight slimy even.  You stop and think to yourself, "How could anyone do something like that?  What is wrong with that dude?  I mean for real!? Has he no conscience?"

Yeah those are the kinds of emotions that start to bubble up, and hardcore too!  On the flip-side, one who conducts himself uprightly gives us such a refreshing feeling.  We're like, "Wow, that is a stand-up dude.  You know something, I'd like to get to know him outside of this business context. I'll invite him to the crib for grub and chillage."  In what is quite the opposite reaction, we tend to be drawn with awe to someone who acts uprightly.  Isn't that surprising!!!!  One who acts uprightly should be the norm!  Not the exception!!!!!

So what about us?  How do each of us handle our everyday interactions?  Are we being devious so that we can get what we want at the expense of someone less wise?  Or are we conducting ourselves uprightly and looking out for the collective well being of everyone?  The former is selfish while the latter is selfless.  Let's draw away from snakelike tendencies and sprint for uprightness.  Let's be that exception to whom many are drawn.  In so doing, a real legacy begins to form with real and foreseeable positive repercussions spreading to many upon many.  Besides... who wants to be called a snake!?  Stand against the tide and rise!


  - patrick

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Da Word... 227! Reconciliation

Reconciliation can be a tough thing to accomplish.  It sounds nice, but actually making it happen... MAN!  Why is it tough?  Because it takes two....

...that God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting men's sins against them.
- Paul ( 2 Corinthians 5:19 )

Paul is droppin' knowledge about why the Apostles and disciples are doing what they are doing.  It is wrapped up in what he calls the "Ministry of Reconciliation".   What is this reconciliation?  Hmmm?  Oh.. it's only the entire purpose of most of the Bible!  Genesis begins with creation, and then the fall.  The fall was the point of separation between man and Pops.  The rest of the entire Bible is about the most massive rescue operation known to the universe holmes!  And that... is reconciliation of creation and Pops.

Really?  Is that what all this is about?  Yeah kid!  Pops wants for us to experience all that he had intended.  I mean come on, we were created in his very IMAGE!  That means there exists extraordinary experiences we have yet to taste! And we can't until we are reconciled back to Pops.  That's why Christ came and died.  See, Pops used that death as the ultimate epic moment in reconciling us to himself.  Christ died so that God could reconcile us to himself and not count our sins against us..... BAM!

Ever try to reconcile a relationship?  It's near impossible if even one of the two parties does not cease to hold the wrongs of the other against him.  If these wrongs cannot be forgiven, dropped, or looked past, it will loom overhead like an unrelenting mass of dark clouds brimming with disaster.  Healing cannot occur if forgiveness, genuine forgiveness, is not extended.  Healing also cannot occur of both parties are not genuinely seeking reconciliation.   

Pops has given all.  His hand is outstretched and he is most genuine about seeking reconciliation.  Everything he has done is about seeking reconciliation.  The ball is now in our court.  Do we also desire reconciliation?  Homie has already extended forgiveness!  My sins are not being counted against me!  And so the path is WIDE open to make reconciliation a reality.  The question I gotta ask myself is this, am I willing to walk that path, to be genuine in my heart in my desire for reconciliation?  And if so, am I willing to take the steps to make it a reality?


   - patrick