Monday, November 21, 2005

Da Word... 133!

Hey hey! What's goin on people! What's the word! This "Da Word" is comin' at ya from FLORIDA baby! Yeah! I got here thursday night around midnightish. It's been nice bein' at home so far. Home cooked haitian food ;-D mmmmmm, old buddies, da whole nine. Thanksgiving is gonna be the bomb too. Be sure to give thanks on that day to Pops above yo! Be sure to give homeboy thanks everyday. Aight, on to... da Word!


As they stretched him out to flog him, Paul said to the centurion standing there, 'Is it legal for you to flog a Roman citizen who hasn't even been found guilty?'
- Paul (Acts 22:25)

Have I said this before? I'll say it again, Paul is da MAN! Very very resourceful. Homeboy's got skillz, fa real. Here's a little background on the 411: Paul arrived in Jerusalem to spit da word and drop some knowledge, straight wreakin' havoc on Satan's realm. Eventually, da enemy got to work on the crowd, twistin' their minds and thoughts ever so clandestinely, and bam, Paul gets jumped, beat, arrested... da whole nine. Badmamajamma Paul takes it in stride, cuz homeboy is straight rollin' with Pops above. Nuthin' to fear, nuthin' to lose. A roman commander orded Paul be taken to da barracks, flogged and questioned. He wanted to find out just why the crowd was so riled and angry. Just when a Centurion is about to bust open a can o' floggin', Paul busts out with, "Yo! Son! You think it's legit to whup a Roman citizen potna? ... one who hasn't even been found guilty bro?"

CLUTCH potnas! Paul whipped that out at the clutch moment! The centurion backed off with a quickness. He did NOT want that mountain of bricks tumblin' on top of his head, no way peeps. Da centurion relayed this message to the commander, and, after some questioning, the commander was tremblin' in his boots too! No JOKE! See, Paul used a knowledge of the law to turn a bad lookin' situation, into one in his favor... BIG time. There are two lessons we can grasp from this. One is to be knowledgeable -- to know our surroundings, to know as much as we can about a given situation, and to be able to use this information in such clutch moments that will result in BaBAAAAM repercussions, tru! And further, we gotta be able to be resourceful and to use that resourcefulness in ways that will enhance our effectiveness.

The second is that Pops is strategic. It's no coincidence that father-man picked Paul to be his instrument to bring da saving Word to the Gentiles. He knew Paul was a Roman citizen, was very knowledgeable about many things, and was resourceful. When Pops and Paul worked hand in hand, Pops beefed up my man's skillz. Pops will do the same for you. Pops will use us as we are, working with us, beefing up our unique skillz, stations in life, and more to maximize our effectiveness in pumpin' peeps full of Pops, makin' heaven a packed place. Let's get this party started... WORD!

Aight, gotta bounce. PeACE!


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Da Word... 132!

What up whUt uP!!!!! Two days late I am I am! My bad, heh. How are things goin' on in da world? Life? Work? Family? Things here are going well. Went to the dentist today for the first time since I was a young kid.... been a loooong time. And guess what? NO CAVITIES! How do you like THEM apples Michel Rbeiz!!!! HAH HAH! Now don't you owe me a #6 Biggie Sized with Fruit Punch from Wendy's? I forget the bet we actually made, but I *KNOW* it had sumtim to do with grubbage ;-D Aight, on to... da Word!


In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: 'It is more blessed to give than to receive.'
- Paul (Acts 20:35)

There he goes again! New Testament badmamajamma, my man Paul spittin' ILL truth! WORD! He is droppin' some last couple tidbits of knowledge before he leaves the Ephesians and heads to another destination to again spit the word. Paul is most DEF a tru soldier, heh heh. N e who, the key item that I'd like to bring out in this bad boy is the last bit. My man Paul is imploring these kats to remember da words of da Lord J himself, to remember that, "yo son! It is way more blessed to give, potnas, than to receive!" That is key peeps!

Why in the world would it be more blessed to give than to receive? Well, for one, da Lord J said so! In other words, Pops above done made a promise that if we give, He HIMSELF will bless us 10, 30, 100 fold! Yeah kid!!!!! That is ill, but that isn't what we should focus on nor what J wanted us to focus on. Cuz if we did, that would just be selfish. We'd be lookin for the reward that comes with giving. If that is so, what is the point of givin'? With a mentality like that, we'd only be looking at numero uno. No no no NO! What J is talkin' about is the blessing we receive when giving from the genuine, no strings attached, bottom of our heart potnas!

It's HARD to give without strings attached. It's like we are wired to expect at least SOME kind of recognition. Bump that yall. Think of the times when you gave without any expectation of receiving anything. Wasn't it awesome? You helped somebody out! You brightened someone's day! You UPLIFTED someone from the depths! That feeling is straight AWESOME! That is the blessing J is talkin' about! But that is only the beginning of the blessing! Uplifting another uplifts you. Such altruistic behavior is inevitably recognized by those around you and ultimately you are rewarded with trust, confidence, and closer friendships. Even if you don't realize it, a posse begins to form that will support you! They even begin to talk about you among many other circles. Who knows, then you might even get official recognition. And whoa wait wait... POPS drops some blessings on ya too!!!!

See, it is def, most def, much better, and way more ill, to give... than to receive.

Be blessed potnas! PeACE!