Monday, October 31, 2005

Da Word... 131!

Sup peeps? How ya livin'? Well I hope, well, tru! This past weekend I was in Texas to be a part of a big day in my dawg's life, homeboy got married on Saturday! TRU! Congrats again Alberto! Here's wishing you a long, happy, and fulfilled marriage. And may da blessings of Pops be poured out upon you and your household, word! Aight, on to... da Word!


The assembly was in confusion: Some were shouting one thing, some another. Most of the people did not even know why they were there.
- Acts 19:32

Ain't that some stuff? heh, let me give you a little background. My man Paul and his posse were straight representin' in Ephesus. They were representin' da Lord Jesus so well that the kats making hand-made gods started to notice a drop in bizness. Peeps stopped buying these man-made statues of gods! Well, money talks, and these artisans were not happy. So they started a ruckus and got a mob together, straight seized a couple of Paul's potnas, and dragged them into some theater. These artisans were able to insite a crowd by claiming that Paul and his hooligans were discrediting their great goddess Artemis. boo hoo hoo.... But as we can see, it got to a point where the peeps in this mob didn't even know the reason they were there. .....RIDICULOUS SON!!!!!

Potnas, let's not get caught up in the crowd. Crowds are dumb, mobs are worse. Peeps see commotion and are like, "YO!! What is that! Let's get in on this... whatever it is there's a ruckus goin' on, WHAT!!!!!" That's wack potnas. Crowds can be as clear as this or very subtle. In either case, refrain from being swept along. Let's maintain our sense of individualism, and be sure to think for ourselves. Let's be sure to accurately weigh what we observe before us, and act in a manner that is thoughtful, not thoughtless. Let us not let the crowds blindly sway our decisions in all aspects of life including perceptions of success, sexuality, the role of family, respect and dignity, self-control, substances, ethics, da whole nine potnas!!!

Just because many peeps view wealth as success doesn't mean wealth *is* success. Just because many peeps view sex as merely a natural bodily function doesn't mean that we should engage in it as many times as one takes a leak or a dump (some things are meant to be cherished...). No, do not be swayed, but form well thoughtout opinions. Matter of fact, peep what Pops would say, how how my man J would act. You can't go wrong with da author of life.

Aight, PeACE!


Monday, October 24, 2005

Da Word... 130!

What up what UUUUP! Not too much over here, kinda hangin' out ;-D heh heh. I was about to bust this bad boy after I had e-mailed a friend earlier today. But then, I got called away... non-stop work after that, WHAM! heh, s'all good though. N e who, 'nuff of my banter, on to... da Word!


11 God did extraordinary miracles through Paul, 12 so that even handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched him were taken to the sick, and their illnesses were cured and the evil spirits left them.
- Acts 19:11,12

So, my man Paul was chillin' in Ephesus droppin' da word left and right like WHAT! Homeboy was hittin' up da streets, da synagogues, da lecture halls... you name it this kat and his posse were there straight representin' for at least two years b4 hittin' up another spot. Then the writer of Acts comes out with this summary to describe the sheer ILL STUFF that went down potna! See, apparently, Pops above did some hooooooooot miracles through my boy Paul. Matter of fact, they were so ILL that mere handkerchiefs, even aprons, held some of that God flow to put the whuppin' on sickness and demons.....

That is ILL son! Imagine, Pops above workin' maaaaad miracles through you, so much so that the mere cloth you touch has the juice to floor kats! That is ILL! And, potnas, that's just a mere GLIMPSE of the stuff Pops above can do! Now imagine if this God backed you up!!!!! OH MAN! Pops is awesome. That's one of the things to get out of this. The second is that Paul was mad tight with Pops, gave all glory and honor to Pops, and allowed Pops above to do amazing things thru himself. He put himself at the mercy of Pops. And Pops took care of him... but not just him. Because of Paul's willingness, Pops above took care of MANY peeps -- a straight pebble in water ripple effect. Imagine what Pops can do thru you... if you let him. Let's give it a shot and put ourselves at the grace and mercy of Pops... I can guarantee Pops above will take care of ya in ways that will blow your mind. Go on, give a little....

Aight peeps! Gotta bounce! Also, drop a prayer or two for parents in general. As we get older, they are getting older too, and health issues start emerging as well. So, take a hot second, and pray for their well being.


Monday, October 17, 2005

Da Word... 129!

What's up all! How's it going? Yo, it's getting colder and colder over here. Fortunately, the heat in my apt building got turned on ;-D YAY! for warm radiators! Makes my crib cozy, and toasty, tru! Aight, on to... da Word!


After Paul and Silas came out of the prison, they went to Lydia's house, where they met with the brothers and encouraged them. Then they left.
- Acts 16:40

UH HUH! You catch dat piece of info in that there blurb that is da hotness? I'll spit it right here fa ya, "and encouraged them." It's interesting, my man Paul is like ALWAYZ encouragin' da bruthas and da sistas... ALWAYZ! And ya have ta ask yourself, "Why, in da world, is THIS brutha fa-ehva encouragin' peeps left and right? What is da secret behind this kinda bidness? What possible purpose or significance is forthcoming from fluffin' peeps' feathers?"

See, potnas, Paul was awesome. We also gotta remember he didn't just encourage peeps, he also laid the smack down. He spoke truthfully even if it would cut deep cuz to not speak truthfully to one another would be to stab your brutha or sistah in the back. Paul kept it real. And encouragement is DEFINITELY a big part of that. Encouragement is da bizomb. I mean, when someone encourages you, how do you feel? Man you start to feel tops! If you were down, you start to get uplifted. You begin to get MORE motivated. You start to have a better outlook on things. You start cheesin' more ;-D I can keep going peeps, the goodness that results is endless.

Encouragement, tru encouragement, is powerful. It brings people closer relationally and enhances the quality of life. Notice it is TRU encouragement, not the so-called encouragement peeps sometimes give to make someone feel good even though what they might be saying is not tru. Naw naw, directed, specific encouragement is where it's at potnas! It also gets people to think more of others and less of themselves. You know, that whole build people up thing, pouring into another's life. Now imagine if EVERYONE started doing this... thinking of others. You know what the collective cheesage on people's faces would be like? The collective joy? The collective motivation to do well and the collective genuine pride in one's work? People would feel appreciated and would respond in a way that is beneficial for all!

Aight potnas, I gotta bounce. Encourage a peep or two today ;-D



Monday, October 10, 2005

Da Word... 128!

What up what up? Hope things are rosy wherever you all may be. It's been raining like CRAZY over on these parts. In fact, it pretty much rained all day Saturday... starting to get cold too. OY! S'aight though, that means snow football is coming soooooon! Aight, on to... Da Word!


He made no distinction between us and them, for he purified their hearts by faith.
- Peter (Acts 15:9)

WOORRRRD! Checkit, new testament badmamajamma Paul and his potna in ministry at the time, Barnabas, came to a head with some kats who came spittin' some CRAZY stuff like, "Yo yo yo yO! Unless you kats are circumsized, according to da custom taught by da original, da first, Moses, yooo.... you can't be saved son!" These peeps were spittin' this to the newly committed gentiles (aka, non-jewish peeps) who came to Christ. So Paul and Barnabas were like, "Yo, back up son, back UP! What in the WORLD kind of nonsense you tryin' to spit kid!?" Needless to say, there was a sharp dispute and debate that surged onward. So, they agreed amongst themselves that P and B would head up to Jerusalem to bring this question before da principle apostles (you know, J's hip original posse).

Cuttin' to the chase, one of J's closest apostles, Peter, stood and laced da track with some SIC truth. Followed by the finishing off maneuver played by Paul and Barnabas...... WAM.. BAM! Thank you very much! So, n e who, Peter spat the above verse. Peter pointed out that Pops above HIMSELF made no distinction, and demonstrated this by giving the gentiles the Holy Spirit, JUST AS HE GAVE the Holy Spirit to da apostles and the other Jewish disciples! No no no, he purified their hearts by FAITH! It is faith that has set them free and brought them saving grace. TRUUUUUUUUUUU! You GO Peter! What's the bottom line? There is no distinction between Jew and Gentile. Anybody who is anybody can come to know God, can come to be blessed by God, can come to know freedom and Life as they have never known before.


PeACE my bruthas and sistas!